Eclectic rock for the eccentric soul with melodic-punk vocals, southern-experimental guitar, and rockabilly-Flea rhythm.

Formed in 2012, the Hydra was created by Zach Frignoca and Mark Kach as a vehicle by which they could freely write any style of music that they desired, without the constraints that force bands to become "genre-specific." Shortly after the conception of the band came about, they were joint by veteran drummer Chris "Cosmo" Dallenbach and aided by the fantastic Evan "heaven" Kats to get the project started. Later joined by bassist Alex Hall, the band completed it's 1st EP in late 2014 in anticipation of setting up live shows, and continues to write and record on a consistent basis.

In 2016 the departure of Alex Hall and arrival of bassist Dan Flath has had the band on a temporary hiatus, giving us the opportunity to finalize our music for sale/social media.  In addition, the departure of drummer Chris Dallenbach has left an opening that we soon hope to fill. We thank our fans for the love and support!